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Tuition and Skype Support Sessions

As a stand-alone session or a session to supplement a Personal Statement Package, at any of the stages outlined below you are welcome to have a specialist from The Personal Statement Company provide one hour’s tuition either over Skype or in person (in your London home or at a designated meeting point).

For further information please email us at

Getting Started: Beautiful Beginnings – for some people getting started is the hardest part. This 1 hour discussion will help you explore ideas you did not even realise you had! The session ranges around your academic studies and interests, extra curricular activities and your wider ambitions. It will leave you with a clear sense of how to start your first draft, any further gaps you may need to fill with wider reading or practical experience, as well as give you some inspirational ideas on how you can stand out by simply being yourself. If you are still uncertain where to go or what study when you get there, that can form the foundation of the session.

Positive Progression: Developing your Draft– In this session we will go through the feedback you have received on your first draft, helping you build on the advice given and start to transform your first draft into a final one. This will allow you to introduce new ideas that will enhance your statement as well as refine and integrate those already initiated in your first draft.If you struggle to step back and edit prose you have already written, or to put your ideas down on paper this may be the session for you.

Achieving Excellence: The Final Flourishes – A session for perfectionists and those applying to the most competitive courses and universities, this hour will help evolve already impressive ideas further still. Honing and pruning, your writing style will no longer be a means of expression but an asset in itself, this session will ensure every word in your statement is valuable. Supporting and pushing you to excel through the very final stages of the process, the result will be an original and insightful academic document that makes connections across your range of experience and reading.

Testimonials and endorsements

‘Your structures have really helped get an idea of how to approach my statement […] thank you so much already for the advice.’

Geography and Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh

‘I really appreciate everything you’ve done, above and beyond! Lets keep in touch – can I Skype you from uni for more help!?’

Theology at the University of Cambridge

' I can’t thank you enough for the all the help […] your faith and confidence in my ability to succeed has been invaluable.’

Philosophy at Trinity College Dublin

‘Your seamless support made all the difference.’

Media at the University of Greenwich