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Oxbridge Interview Practice & Guidance

The Personal Statement Company provides personalised interview training for Oxbridge Candidates and, for subjects where it applies, offers guidance on entrance tests. This can be carried out over Skype or in person with one of our specialist tutors. We recommend that you select the two-stage process though you can simply choose Mock Interview 1.

To discuss timings and for further information please send your enquiry to

Oxbridge Mock Interview 1

provides candidates with:

  1. Experience of an Oxbridge style interview atmosphere
  2. Practice discussing their interests rather than writing about them
  3. Practice considering questions that force them to make connections across unexpected topics and address topics on the spot that they have not prepared for
  4. A clear program of follow up reading and question answering
  5. Clear and constructive feedback on their interview manner and style.

The hour will be preceded by a list of questions tailored by us for your application for you to consider in advance and then consists of: 20 minutes of discussion and preparation, 20 minutes mock interview, 20 minutes of feedback, though this is amended to the needs of the candidate.

  • Skype £100
  • Tuition £150 (London)

Oxbridge Mock Interview 2

provides candidates with:

  1. The confidence to approach their interview with enthusiasm and embody their love of the subject
  2. Practice developing answers, both rehearsed and spontaneously
  3. Experience extending answers beyond their comfort zone
  4. Detailed challenges to their subject knowledge
  5. Any remaining suggested improvements to their interview manner and style.

The session comprises: 10 minutes of preparation and discussion, 25 minutes mock interview, 25 minutes of feedback, including presentation practice to build confidence, though this is amended to the needs of the candidate. This session comes as part of a package with Mock Interview 1.

  • Skype £150
  • Tuition £200 (London)

Testimonials and endorsements

The comments helped me express myself in a sophisticated and intelligent manner. I feel so much more confident as a result.’

English Literature at the University of Cambridge

‘The support and preparation you provided was amazing. So, you know, cheers for that.’

Mathematics at the University of Oxford

‘The advice I received […] helped to make my statement stand out, ensuring that I received an offer from Oxford to study French as well as from the four other universities that I applied to.’

Modern Languages: French at the University of Oxford

‘This has had a massive impact on my life, making it a thousand times more fantastic.’

Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at the University of Cambridge