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Our Team

Our tutors are all top graduates and enthusiasts in a range of subjects who are up to date with the admission process for your course and, where relevant, college. You will be matched with the individual best suited to your application. No matter what your subject area the written feedback given to you is checked by a qualified teacher, an expert with years of experience in the admissions process.

Oxbridge candidates writing personal statements are welcome to request a tutor who has graduated from Oxford or Cambridge and has therefore been through the process successfully themselves.

Our Oxbridge interview counselors are Oxbridge alumni as well as qualified teachers who have had years of experience and success in guiding and preparing candidates from state-funded, private or international school systems.

Testimonials and endorsements

‘…without your help I don’t think I’d be pursuing what I love!’

English Literature at the University of Bristol

‘Your positive feedback has inspired me to be ambitious and pursue what I want - I feel hopeful knowing I have you to cheer me on.’

Law at the University of Exeter

Our Mission

The Personal Statement Company provides a bespoke approach to personal statement writing which fosters interests, extends reading and allows an individual to articulate themselves in such a way as best ensures success with their university application. We help provide students with the tools not only to write an outstanding personal statement but also to stand out at interview and beyond.

From course and university choice, through structure and style to content, we ensure that any student is shown at their best, a gift that allows individuals to distinguish themselves in a system otherwise characterised by its reliance on standardised testing.

The Personal Statement Company was conceived as a response to the vagaries of provision offered in this area within the education system. Though guided by committed subject specific staff in sixth forms across the country, students are rarely offered more than a rough outline of what is expected in such a document, and less still on how to prepare for the process, to their detriment.

Bringing the unique identity of each student forward, we guide students through a rigorous drafting process to ensure that the final product is a well-crafted and concise piece of prose that reflects the candidate at their best.

In accordance with our belief in social mobility through education, The Personal Statement Company also offers pro bono presentations, workshops and clinics at state funded schools where students may not have access or be able to afford one-on-one counselling.

Evolved over years of working with teachers, parents, university admissions staff, professors and above all students, our philosophy centers on extending and encouraging an individual’s curiosity. Though certain formalities apply to all, the personalised and differentiated process provided by The Personal Statement Company best guarantees an authentic and successful outcome that allows students to flourish at their chosen destination of tertiary education.